Surveillance Services

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When your instinct gives you the feeling that something is not right you are usually correct. Do you suspect your spouse is not being faithful? Do you know where your kids are, what they are doing, or who they are hanging out with? Do you suspect an employee of theft or fraud? Regardless, you need evidence that will stand up in court. Our investigators can provide you with the proof you need to give you piece of mind, make better decisions, and help in court when needed.

NoCal PI can help with any of your Surveillance needs:

Infidelity - Call for Price

Do you suspect your spouse of any type of mischeif? Don’t agonize over your suspicions. Allow our licensed surveillance operatives to give you peace of mind. Within days you’ll know if your spouse is innocent or you’ll have the evidence to confront him or her about any inappropriate actions. NoCal PI’s surveillance professionals are also equipped with communication capabilities for observation and documentation of evidence in all marital cases.

We conduct confidential domestic investigations to substantiate or disprove alleged misconduct, disability, or infidelity. We understand the delicate nature of the conditions that require you to use our marital surveillance services. As a result, our surveillance operations are conducted with the utmost care and discretion. The observations made by our marital surveillance professionals are executed to present the most convincing evidence in a court of law, or before the WCAB.

Child Custody- Call for Price

Do you need to prove that your child is living in unsafe conditions, or that your ex is unable to provide your child with the proper care? Our operatives will document any and all activity that surrounds your child and we will contact you within minutes to give your live updates of our investigation.

* Nationwide Bank Account Searches are also available at an additional cost.

Workman's Comp - Call for Price

If your employee's insurance claim is suspected to be fraudulent, our specially trained, insured investigators will complie the necessary evidence to fight the claim. Your investigator will give your case the attention it deserves, ensuring that you will see results fast. Due to the complexity of insurance fraud investigations, please contact our office directly to discuss your case particulars with a licensed insurance fraud investigator and obtain an accurate quote for the service you are requesting. 

*Attorneys: Call for Special Rates

If you have any further questions about our services, or would like to request a quote for services, contact NoCal PI today. A licensed private investigator will respond to your request immediately.