Photo Gallery

A Father's Suspicion

NoCal PI has conducted multiple days of surveillance of the client's ex-wife and her current boyfriend. The client was suspicious of the boyfriend and was concerned for the welfare of his children when they were having visitation with the ex-wife. In this footage, the boyfriend is videotaped through an open window smoking from a glass drug pipe. The client subsequently was awarded full physical and legal custody.

Having More than Lunch

Our client became suspicious of his wife when she started frequenting a Southern California beach city to "have lunch with a girlfriend." Not only was she not visiting her girlfriend, NoCal PI's investigators were able to obtain video surveillance showing her meeting with a younger man at a beachfront restaurant, and a hotel. The client retained an attorney and is now divorced.

Worker's Compensation Claims Not Always as They Appear

After filing for 100% disability, this claimant claimed she needed the use of a cane, and was unable to perform daily activities. After multiple days of surveillance, not only was she filmed using her cane, but also jogging after a loose item in a parking lot, and walking her two large dogs near her home. In addition, she was filmed pruning trees, and using a leaf blower during clean up. The client is seeking possible criminal charges.

Lower Lumbar Injury

This claimant complained of a lower lumbar injury while at work. After several days of surveillance at his residence, investigators were able to obtain extensive video of the claimant remodeling his home, including this footage of him carrying a door to the curb. The case was settled in favor of the client.

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